There's No Future, The Future is Now

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"Il était beau l'été 86, beaucoup plus chaud qu'on pouvait s'en douter, Il était beau l'été 86, on a failli y laisser notre peau ... bronzée" (OTH - L'été86)

... et moi du coup je me demande quel temps on va avoir cet été 2011?


Deuxième artwork pour TRAMWRECK - hardcore suédois de Gothenburg et pour écouter suivez le lien ICI.


Juste à la suite, pour les curieux, les réponses à l'interview du Fanzine indonésien ANEKDOT ZINE.









Pour les anglophones seulement, les réponses que j'ai donné en janvier dernier à Enda pour le fanzine indonésien ANEKDOT ZINE...


1. How are you bro, first thing first…tell us lil’bit about your background?
Hi! I’m Marko, 37 years old and I‘ve been living in Brittany in the west of France since 2006. Firstly, many thanks for being interested in BLASTING DEAD ARTWORK, my work and activities. If I had to define myself, I would say I’m an autodidact illustrator, graphic designer, zombie, or pirate for BLASTING DEAD ARTWORK and that I propose graphic services to punk, crust, metal, hardcore bands, record labels, associations, fanzines or any other disturbed minds.

2. About this label “Blasting Dead Artwork”, what’s mean to you?
In 2005, I’ve made my own record label BLASTING DEAD RECORDS to produce the first 10” of TANKER CHAOS (I play the bass on one of their tracks). Then, I moved to Brittany. BLASTING DEAD RECORDS became BLASTING DEAD ARTWORK for the simple fact that I no longer released records with the label but I wanted to keep the name as a tribute to ROMERO’s Living dead saga. I’ve been freelance since 2008.

3. Most of your art style are horror and violence also mostly made for bands, is that correct? If is it, since when you like to make illustration like that? Who influence you the most?
Yes, completely exact. As far back as I can remember, I’ve always loved drawing. As most drawers do, I began when I was very young, at school. I can remember when I used to depict my teachers like zombies, what really made my classmates laugh but made me be punished for countless hours.
I ‘ve always liked horror movies and comix but the first pics that I loved when I was young were the IRON MAIDEN’s covers by Derek Riggs. I think that I am influenced by the Anglo-Saxon metal punk illustrator like Pushead, Riggs, Bisley and many more.
I’m even more inspired by horror movies which I find very rich because they often offer a more complex message than the easy fact of frightening people or being afraid, a criticism of society that film makers can afford without being censored ( they are for the violence of the picturing).  I’m a fan of film makers such as ROMERO  ( Living Dead saga), MILLER (the first two Mad Max), also JACKSON ( Brain Dead, Bad Taste), MILIUS (Conan), and RAIMI (Evil Dead), but for me the kill master is CARPENTER (Escape from New-York, The Thing…)
I also read regularly. I like history books about any historical period (but I confess a very special passion for the 18th century and the Golden Age of Piracy). As for literature I love Jules Vernes for his retro-futurism esthetics’ style, Philip K Dick for his numerous cyber punk short stories, and the brilliant Daniel Defoe, adventurer and writer of Robinson Crusoe.
What I like most in books is Comics, my favorite artists are BISLEY (Lobo, Slaine), MIGNOLA (Hellboy), FRAZETTA (when I was a kid I was stuck to Conan’s covers, and I keep on being.) FRANQUIN (Idées Noires, Gaston), MILLER (Sin City), VATINE (Aquablue), HOWARD PYLE (Book of Pirates)... The list could even be longer, I forget a lot of them.

4. Tell us lil’bit about the process of making Blasting Dead artwork and what tools you usually used?
About artworks for band, I mainly work in black and white using a traditional technique, that’s to say a quick draft, then a more detailed rough which I finalize with Indian ink. Then I put colors by computer. At the very end, I use the computer only for adjustments, or to add some logos and get the file ready for the printing shop.
In 2010, I decided to make bigger things. A friend gave me some wood boards and I’m painting on it with acrylic paintings. That‘s really exiting to make big board.

5. What you do beside drawing? Do you have band too bro? if yes, what’s your playing, let us know about it?
Before “creating” BLASTING DEAD ARTWORK, I lived in the east of France (where I was born) in Besançon. I’ve played the guitar and sung in several punk hardcore bands, STEROIDS (1996-2003) with whom I was lucky to play all over Europe, FUEL INJEKTED KIDS, (1999-2002) and RATFINK (2004-2006). I don’t play anymore.

6. From all of your artwork, which ones is your favorite, why? And also what kind of band/genre mostly play while you making some artwork?
None of them are my favorite or all of them are, I don’t know. I should say that’s the last one because it’s really fresh in my mind. You know that’s really difficult to be critic about what you have done several months before. I can see the wrong lines; wrong shadows and I still think that I wouldn’t draw exactly the same If I had to make it again. I think that‘s one of the biggest difficulties when you are an artist: criticizing yourself.
These times I listen to a lot of heavy metal or thrash bands like SODOM, MUNICIPAL WASTE, TESTAMENT, BLACK SABBATH, MOTÖRHEAD, SLAYER, DEMOLITION HAMMER, TANKARD, and still a lot of punk rock bands like RAMONES, BAD BRAINS, CIRCLE JERKS, TURBONEGRO…

7. As an artworker, what’s your biggest goal bro?
Make the best drawings that I can do.

8. A lot of artist (especially from the underground music scene artist) out there exploiting skull as an aesthetic to their art, do you think it’s boring or creative idea?
Skulls are one of the oldest things that mankind use for art… The most common symbolic use of the skull is as a representation of death and mortality. That can symbolize poison or “warning” too and the skull add to the crossbones is any various flag flown to identify a ship crew as pirates. For all these reason, that’s always interesting to use it on artworks.
Honestly, I love draw skulls and crossbones, I’m a pirate mate! And that’s always really fun to use a skull to afraid an old lady.

9. I want to know about your family or friends opinion when they see Blasting Dead artwork? Did they support you, or they want you to quit and advice you “maybe better if you join the army “…hahahaha.
Hahaha, my brother plays the guitar on HUMAN COMPOST and I think he likes my artworks; so I make all covers for them. My girlfriend doesn’t love all my drawings but she is nice and pretty and she even helps me to find a good idea. And She finds some!!! Yeah! About the rest of my family, I don’t think they trust that BLASTING DEAD is art. They just see black and white horror pics and they think that I am a degenerate teenager. They should prefer that I paint the blue sea with birds or something of that kind. And about the army, hahaha, Impossible for me, I was conscientious objector, I didn’t want to use weapons…grrrrrrrrr… and I’m against fucking authority…

10. Sometime we got stuck doing some artwork, how you handle this?
Drinking beers, sleeping, dreaming and trying to remember the strange things that my mind can produce. I find my crazy ideas while I sleep during my disturbed nightmares, and when I wake up I try to note them down.
 If that doesn’t work, I speak with my girlfriend or I listen to good disco records or I look for a horror movie or watch the lobotomy TV.
My inspiration comes from various sources but is mainly linked to the punk or metal mind and attitude. DIY, having the guts to choose your life and destiny, not following the mainstream like a sheep. .. And I often blow a fuse with the news, war, environment, injustice, politics, consumer society, history. At the moment, I’m inspired by the economic crisis: the world declining, people being massively laid-off, left alone and manipulated by the all powerful ones and corrupt institutions. And of course the demonstrations in the North of Africa, Tunisians and Egyptians having the guts to throw their government away and that’s fucking good news for the freedom of speech. We’ve been sensing the smell of shit for years, and here it is.

11. In this year of 2011, did you have any plan or project for Blasting Dead Artwork?
Yes I have. First, I’m working on a collective illustrated book about heavy metal. I plan to make my first exhibition with all my black and white wood boards soon. I still have to draw some covers for bands and last year I started to make tattoos, so I plan to ink my friends.

12. Any experience in art exhibition or else you want to share in this zine?

13. If Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga or Lil Wayne order you some artwork, do you accept it or not? If yes, what kind of illustration you want to draw for them…hahaha ?
Of course I accept. I think that I should make the best for them to buy a new car, a house in Bahamas and a lot of drugs and alcohol. And I‘ll make them a pretty pink dick with a lot of black shit around ahahah.

14. Is becoming artist enough for you? Or there is other profession that you want to choose…professional dancer maybe...hahaha (kidding)?
Be sure that I’m the best chewing gum dancer of all over the world.
Actually I am a freelance illustrator and I’m working to be a better tattoo artist. 

15. If Blasting Dead artwork being rip off by someone, what would you say?
I would say “WANKERS”!!! That’s not a good idea for them. I know a lot of people all over the world who makes labels or organize tour for bands and be sure that my friends will be on it. 

16. Is there any client/purchaser that make you really pissed off?
No really No, People respects my work and some are a little bit ballbreakers but I ‘ve never met pissed off bastards.

17. Let us know where we can find you on the internet?

18. And finally big thanx for your time bro, any last word?
Thanx for the interest about my shits. Keep the brutal faith, stay free, stay punk! Take care and Love! Cheers and raise hell…
Marko january 2011

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